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Newfoundland and Labrador Postpartum Support

Tess Hartmann | Birch Doula + Postpartum Support

Online Course: more Than Milk Your Ultimate prep to Breastfeeding 

designed for expecting parents, this course is your essential prenatal guide to breastfeeding. 


Julia, first time parent

I remember one particular instance, about a month after giving birth, when I was really struggling with breastfeeding. Tess validated my feelings and gave me evidence-based practical advice, including who to reach out to for additional support. At almost one year postpartum, I am still happily breastfeeding, and I attribute a lot of this success to her.

Leslie, mom of 3

 spent 8 weeks trying to decide if I should make the call and let me save you the time and say yes, you should! I am so glad I did. ess was a friend and an ear in a lonely and vulnerable time. From the time I made the decision I instantly felt relieved and less anxious.

Jenn, parent of 2

Moms think they have to do this alone and they absolutely shouldn't do it alone. I'm not sure I'd still be breastfeeding without Tess, and I know the first few weeks of my postpartum would have been a lot messier without her. She also makes amazing cookies and energy bites. So there's that.

About Tess

How do you want to feel in the hours and days after your baby is born? As you emerge as a new parent, how you want to feel and be cared for, matters. The most.

I provide in-home support to families in and around St.John's as they prepare for birth and after their baby arrives.

I'll help make that nap or shower you crave happen.
I'll answer your breastfeeding questions.
I'll listen to how you've been feeling.
I'll make you a snack. 

I'm Tess, and I'm a Postpartum Doula to support you. 

When a family grows it is a profound life change, for everyone.
My job is to help you settle and find your groove.

I wanted to prepare for my fourth trimester with the same thought and care I did for my pregnancy. I connected with Tess early on and it took a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that no matter what happened in my labour/delivery, she would be supporting me once baby was earth side. Once baby was here, Tess was my human lighthouse. I looked forward to her every visit, counting down the hours. Tess helped with all manner of housework but more importantly, to me, she supported me becoming a mom. Feeding me, giving me permission to nap, coaching me until I was confident enough to take both my baby and a dog for a walk. She meets you at your most vulnerable and leaves you feeling like the capable, loving mom you always dreamed of being. And that is the mom your baby needs. I could not recommend Tess enough and will be forever grateful for our time together.

- Lucy, first time mom

Frequently asked questions

what is a postpartum doula?

As your postpartum doulas (PPD) I follow the NEAR principle of nurture, educate, assess and refer. I am a listening ear and your cheerleader in the early days of getting to know your newborn.


PPD's are trained to understand what infants, birthing parents, partners, grandparents and siblings need.

what can I expect?

A PPD may do any or all of the following: help with infant feeding, support infant-parent attachment, help with sibling adjustment (and entertainment), dog walking, laundry, nursery organization, dishes, meal/snack prep, and referring to clinicians.

Essentially: whatever you need as a new parent to feel supported.

are you certified?

I am!


- Certified Postpartum Doula with DONA International

- Certified Lactation Counselor with Childbirth International

- Mental Health First Aid

- Infant CPR and Standard First Aid

- Meditation Teacher Certification (ongoing)

how can I book you?

the best way to book my services is to book a free connection call here so I can hear what you need and build a plan from there. If you'd prefer email, you can reach me at


Contact me

When you message me, you'll be sent a free guide for new and expecting parents.

Thanks for submitting!

How I can help

Sleep Support 

Your rest, relaxation and sleep are so very important to your entire family in the early days. My role can be to care for your little one while you catch some much needed rest. 

Newborn Care 

I am able to guide you through your first days of diaper changes, bathing, clothing, cord care and more for your little one. 

Feeding Support 

I can help with all forms of infant feeding. For breastfeeding I help with positioning, latch, comfort and referring you to a lactation consultant or counsellor when required. 

Sibling Adjustment 

I can help you carve our time time with older siblings. Or I can plan activities, or involve them in the newborn care/household help so you have time alone or with baby.

Pet Adjustment

Worrying how pets will adjust to a new baby is very common and understandable. I can help with walking, feeding, playing and connect you to a trainer to help with the adjustment. 

Household Help

Healthy snacks, light household chores and general help around the house are all things I can assist your family with. Emptying dishwasher, putting on a load of laundry, taking out the garbage full of diapers. S'all good.

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