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It's become synonymous, we hear 'new baby' and automatically we ask, "do you have a registry?". Creating a registry has new parents staring into the eye of their future asking, "how do I even baby? How many onsies do I need? Do infants wear socks? What kind of baby monitor is good? And what the heck is a snot sucker? #babyregistry

What do you need on your baby registry?

What you really need is quite simple: You need rest, and you need nourishment. Everything else will fall into place. Promise.

I meet with expectant families to discuss their hopes, ideas, and worries for their fourth trimester. During these conversations parents often ask what they can add to their registry that will be helpful. My advice is quite simple: set up a meal train. #mealtrain

What is a meal train?

A meal train is essentially a schedule of meal drop offs that friends and family can slot themselves into. You will thank your registry making self when one week postpartum your stomach grumbles, you are chugging back what feels like your thousandth litre of water and you have no idea what to have for supper. Then you hear a knock knock on your door, and your dear friend is dropping off that Veggie Curry they promised would arrive on this pre determined date. There are a number of services that can help you organize this, but one a lot of parents find great is Meal Train . It's easy for you to create, and easy for friends to sign up for.

What would you ask friends to cook for you? Don't be bashful. Mac and Cheese? I bet it's mac and cheese. Comment what you would love to eat postpartum below.



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